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We devoted ourselves to development and production of various authorities of trust machinery since the establishment of a business on October 15, 1912 throughout and, including Nippon Telegram and Telephone Corp., would deliver continuation to each delivery, and the development continued making efforts.

In addition, I am made with the person whom I matched by an industry-university cooperation study in the high technology times and concentrate power on the development of the new technology.

I concentrate wisdom more in order to cope with the information circulation society which continues progressing more and more, the progress and will desire it in future when I want to contribute to social progress development by offering the product which considered the global environment.

I ask to have more guidance and encouragement continuously.

President Shinji Watanabe


1.Contribute to the progress of society
2.Develop self-faculties through work
3.Prosperity of Watanabe Co., LTD leads person to happiness.


Company Name WATANABE .Co., Ltd.
Main Office 709-1, Doujyo,Sakura-ku, Saitama-shi, JAPAN, Zip338-0835
Phone +81-48-856-0855 (Representation)
+81-48-856-0858 (Operating direct communication)
FAX +81-48-856-0874

info@watanabe-mj.co.jp     ( general inquiry )

ceb@watanabe-mj.co.jp  ( optical fiber sensing inquiry )

Established October 15, 1912
Capital 20,000,000 yen
Main product -Modular rosettes
-Various connection terminal boards

-Various network products

-The various pieces of disconnection

-Various terminal accommodation boxes

-Pay phone machine mount

-MJ for printed circuit board loading

-Telephone reception training equipment


1912.10 Established in Akasaka, Tokyo. Supplied the various parts for communication to the Tokyo Communication Bureau as a specification contractor.
1953.2 Became specification maker of the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation.
1956.9 Established a factory to Urawa-shi, Saitama.
1966.1 Found the Watanabe Co.,LTD with capital of 2 million yen.
1966.4 Established the second-factory with the aim of fullness of a forming section.
1971.5 Increased capital to 5 million yen.
1972.2 Received approval as a delivery contractor to the Ground Self Defense Force.
1974.8 Increased capital to 10 million yen.
1977.2 Passed manufacturer authorization of the Defense Facilities Administration Agency and the National Police Agency.
1981.11 Increased capital to 20 million yen.
1985.3 Started delivery of Jack-formula rosette.
1985.6 Started manufacture of substrate assembly.
1987.4 Started manufacturing-and-selling telephone.
1988.5 Relocated the second factory to Dojyo, Urawa-shi.
1989.1 Expand the second factory as Urawa factory.
1990.10 Acquired BABT (Britain) factory authorization.
1991.5 Moved the head office to Urawa factory.
1992.2 Received VA testimonial from the head of NTT materials supply division.
1992.10 Received testimonial on VA from NTT president (two affairs).
1992.12 Started delivery of New Modular Rosette (NMJ).
1993.8 Started industry-university-co-operation research on high-polymer with Saitama University.
1993.10 Received NTT president's testimonial on NMJ improvement in the 9th Telegraphic-Communication Telephone Memorial Day.
1994.12 Started delivery of indoor cable connection terminal board (N10).
1995.10 Received NTT president's testimonial on the development of N10 terminal board, in 11th Telegraphic-Communication Telephone Memorial Day
1997.5 Set up Homepage.
1997.8 Acquired International Standard ISO9001. (SGS ICS JAPAN)
1997.11 Received NTT president's testimonial on VA proposal (NMJ).
1999.1 Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) Business Information Program " Business Zoom Up " introduced Watanabe Co.,LTD.
1999.2 Television Saitama (TVS) Information Program " Zoom Up Saitama " introduced Watanabe Co,.LTD.
1999.4 Acquired International Standard ISO14001. (SGS ICS JAPAN)
2000.4 Western-part-of-Japan office Establishment.
Shopping mall establishment
2000.9 A factory is specified by the government of the prefecture in Saitama.
2001.10 Watanabe mill baseball club start Co., Ltd.
2002.4 A cell production method introduction start
2003.3 Creation technical study development business authorization
2004.6 I receive a President at NTT letter of thanks by VA.
2005.11 Shift completion for "ISO14001" 2004 years for
2007.10 Optical fiber sensing system technology construction
2008.11 The Saitama City technical brand company certification &A homepage renewal



In 1997, Watanabe Co., LTD acquired ISO9001, which is one of the quality management standards of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

  1. Certification Organization : SGS ICS Japan
  2. Acquired Date : August, 1997(ISO9001:1994)   May、2003(ISO9001:2000)
  3. Scope of registration : JIS Q9001:2000

Design and production of communication line, productions for connection, line console units, test connector for line ,telephone booths with sound-proof interiors.

Quality System Policy

To provide our customers the greatest satisfaction and greatest relief, Watanabe Co, LTD states "Quality is everything". We secure safety, and keep rationalization of price.

December 20, 2002 WATANABE Co., LTD President Shinji Watanabe



Watanabe Co., Ltd acquired ISO 14001, which is international standard that govern environmental management system issued by the International Standards Organization.

  1. Certificate Organization: SGS ICS Japan
  2. Acquired Date: April 1999
  3. Scope of registration: JIS Q 14001

The environmental management system currently managed in order to manage the environmental in fluence generated by manufacture of the circuit connection products for communication, circuit terminal machines, circuit examination tools, and a pay phone machine mount

Environmental Policy

WATANABE Co., Ltd, the environmental safety and maintenance are important problems through the activity of industries of development, production, and sales, etc. of modular,terminal boards, and other products, and contributes to the progress of society by an environment friendly product creation. To expand the circle from the region to the global environment protection further, the following activity is promoted.

  1. The environmental relevant statute rule is observed.
  2. An environment friendly active conduct of business is executed.
  3. An environmental side is regularly verified, and it ..environmental preservation.. tries.
  4. The environmental improvement proposal activity is done.
  5. It opens to the public to all employees of this environmental policy and it opens it to the public to outside the company ..well-known.. upon request.

 June 1, 2005  WATANABE Co., Ltd President Shinji Watanabe